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Last Words. Last Days

The last coherent words that my mother spoke to me were during her final days in hospital, where she died of breast cancer: ‘I don’t want to hear anymore about religion’. I honoured that request with a heavy heart. This was the only time that she’d ever rejected either me or what I’d stood for. And only the second time that we’d had a falling out. There was, now, something […]

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ME and Me

I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) in 1987 by a well-respected paediatrician with an interest in alternative forms of therapy. The onset of the condition (the recognition of which remains controversial) followed a, now, well-defined inception and trajectory; it was, in all likelihood, precipitated by a bout of glandular fever a year earlier. My case presented many of the classic symptoms associated with ME: profound malaise, muscular pain and […]

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Robin Redbreast

This is an old Welsh legend related to robin redbreast: ‘It was on the day when Lord Jesus felt his pain upon the bitter cross of wood that a small and tender bird, which had hovered awhile around, drew nigh, about the seventh hour, and nestled upon the wreath of Syrian thorns. And when the gentle creature of the air beheld these cruel spikes, the thirty and three, which pierced […]

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